Our products

E.F. Univert specializes in oak, offering a wide range of products such as oak sleepers, oak beams and industrial components. We also market the most common hardwood species: maple, soft maple, yellow birch and ash.

Our network of trusted suppliers includes the best sawmills and hardwood processing plants in North-Eastern America. Most of our products are exported around the globe. Thanks to the proximity of the Port of Montréal, we ship quickly and efficiently and at very competitive rates.

Going beyond products that are already on the market, we can develop new products for your specific needs. Our team of experts can also provide advice on how you can reduce costs.

Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers are a specialty of E.F. Univert. We stock most of the standard North American and European sizes of oak sleepers. All our sleepers are premium grade material directly sawn from high quality logs. We also offer related oak products including:

  • Fence posts
  • Half-sleepers
  • Fence boards

We export white oak beams in sizes up to 300mm by 300mm by 10 metres long.

Industrial Wood

E.F. Univert sells a complete line of industrial wood products, offering efficient packaging and handling solutions for any business:

  • Pallets (standard and custom sizes)
  • Pallet components
  • Crate and box parts
  • Dunnage
  • Wood battens
  • Crane mats

Upon request, all our products can be certified and/or stamped according to the international export standard (ISPM-15).

Cut-To-Size Hardwood (components)

E.F. Univert supplies hardwood parts that are perfectly cut-to-size and tailored to your needs. Pre-cut parts help optimize performance by eliminating losses, reducing your raw material costs and improving productivity.

North American Hardwood

We offer a wide variety of North American hardwoods, in thicknesses ranging from 4/4 to 8/4 (25 mm to 50 mm) and in all grades: kiln dried, shipping dry or green.

Railway Sleepers Industrail wood Cut to Size Wood White Oak Beams