Forestry Consulting Services

E.F. Univert provides services that cover every facet of forest engineering. Most of our work involves forest appraisal, maple syrup production, urban forestry, legal expertise and forest inventories.

Forest appraisal

Our studies of regional markets, particularly for wood from private woodlots, are an important part of the Forest appraisal we do for owners or expropriating bodies who are purchasing, selling, financing or acquiring a servitude on a property. We also perform individual valuations concerning damage to forests or ornamental trees. The methods we use are the rules of the art in forest engineering, and we apply them in the best manner for each particular case.

Maple Syrup Production

Once an unsophisticated cottage craft, maple syrup production has become a vigorous industry. Today Québec has more than 35 million taps by 6500 maple farmers, who together produce more than 75% of the world's maple syrup. Improved methods of operating and more advanced harvesting and processing equipment have propelled the growth of this unique industry.

E.F. Univert is recognized for its expert knowledge of this type of operation, from the management of maple stands for syrup production to harvesting and processing systems. That expertise is why we are regularly called in as expert witnesses.

Urban Forestry

We provide consulting services regarding trees in urban environments and trees of an ornamental nature. Whether examining the health of a single specimen or ensuring that trees are protected during road repair or maintenance work on public utilities, we provide quality professional services. We can also evaluate the monetary value of ornamental plants.

Legal Expertise

We serve as expert witnesses in cases before the various courts of Québec (Superior Court, Québec Court, Municipal Court, RMAAQ, CPTAQ, Tribunal administratif du Québec). Often our testimony concerns particular forest components such as ornamental trees or maple stands.

Forest Inventory

Along with the surveys done for much of our consulting, many of our contracts consist specifically of carrying out a forest inventory. Forest inventories give a detailed description of the species comprising wooded properties, and are generally the first step in any silvicultural intervention. A forest inventory is particularly useful in evaluating the production potential of a maple stand.

Expertise Expertise inventaire